Real Green Solutions 2021 Recap

Real Green Solutions Event

Although 2021 continues what has been an unprecedented time in history, Real Green Systems maintained its annual tradition of presenting its Solutions conference to the lawn service community. 

The 2021 Edition of Solutions saw top partners, valued colleagues, and various green industry leaders gather to discuss, inspire, and develop home services. To maintain the safety of all involved, the Real Green Systems Solutions Conference was an entirely virtual affair. Overall, it was a great success in lawn care events. 

Sponsored in part by Slingshot, Solutions 2021 was held in early January to kick off the new year. Solutions featured an impressive selection, including industry leaders from top lawn care companies. 

The conference welcomed the figureheads of the home service industry, who discussed core topics like marketing, software, lawn industry best practices, and more. It also provided industry members an opportunity to connect and review pressing challenges and changes within the home services market. 

Beyond this, attendees were able to explore innovation options in certification, attend virtual trade shows, and network with important thought leaders from different sectors within the industry.

The host of the conference was Real Green Systems. Real Green is a company that focuses on streamlining operations, boosting profits, growing businesses, and improving customer satisfaction rates. They offer a full suite of marketing services — such as SEO, automated marketing, and branding. 

Real Green also prioritizes fresh technologies — mobile apps, global positioning, invoicing, scheduling, and more — to elevate lawn care businesses. 

Solutions 2021: A Virtual Edition

Together with Slingshot, Real Green Systems adapted to the new normal of the global pandemic by developing a virtual event to facilitate continued growth within the lawn and landscape industry. 

The innovative virtual set up of Solutions 2021 included sessions such as:

  • Data security: Data is one of a company’s most valued assets. Accordingly, the session on Level 1 security covered best practices for protecting lawn care company data from threats, both internal and external. 
  • Expert roundtables: Roundtables offered Solutions attendees a chance to chat with the thought leaders of the green industry.
  • Product journey discussions: Real Green Systems offered exclusive sessions for customers to discuss their services and products.
  • Federal legislation 2021 overview: This session explored new legislation and how it impacts the green industry. 
  • Lessons learned from 2020: An infamous year like 2020 brought with it many unexpected changes. For lawn care, the increase in work-from-home and at-home activities is an opportunity to adapt to a changing world and market.
  • Virtual discussions: Solutions 2021 hosted innovative virtual discussions via a series of limited group chats. These intimate chats provided a space to explore marketing, leadership, staffing, and other best practices. 
  • Marketing advice: Business and marketing is an essential part of lawn industry businesses. Solutions 2021 offered sessions that provided actionable marketing plans to growing companies. 
  • International Lawn Care Forum: This forum touched on the unprecedented challenges and successes of 2020, as well as factors to watch in the 2021 market. 

Slingshot Presentations

As a leader within the industry and a sponsor of the Real Green Systems Solutions conference, Slingshot was fortunate enough to lead several key presentations during Solutions 2021, including:

Speed-to-Lead To Maximize Customer Experience 

Presented by Chris Brasher, the CMO at Slingshot, this session covered the importance of quick lead response times and quality customer service. 

The Speed-to-Lead presentation advised members of the lawn industry about innovative ways to measure and maximize the response time to leads in order to increase sales. Speed-to-lead has the potential to be a significant driver of conversion when executed correctly. 

Brasher elaborated the concept of speed-to-lead services as a means of improving revenue and elevating the customer service experience.  

Don’t Send Your Leads To Voicemail

Voicemail is over — this was the sentiment of the presentation given by Cameron Beecher, the Senior Account Executive at Slingshot. 

In his presentation, Don’t Send Your Leads to Voicemail, Beecher discussed the death of voicemail and explained how to maintain leads in the modern marketplace. Beecher also touched on how to manage after-hours calls, overflow calls, and text to business practices. 

Maintaining these important elements can lead to fewer lost leads and more sales. 

The Evolution of Home Services Communication

John Yates, the Head of Product at Slingshot, provided an insightful presentation on the ways that consumer behavior is changing for the home service industry — at a faster rate than ever.  

In The Evolution of Home Services Communication, Yates shed light on the modern trends in the green industry as well as the many challenges that lay ahead. These challenges include providing round-the-clock services to all customers, maintaining a high standard of customer service, and centralizing communication. 

Ultimately, the goal is to optimize the operation of the lawn care service provider. Yates also discussed essential best practices that help build a thriving business, in addition to the importance of establishing a plan. He presented Slingshot as an all-in-one solution and an effective way to elevate home service business operations. 

5 R’s of Automation 

In her presentation, the 5 R’s of Automation, Jade Frampton, who is the Senior Marketing Manager at Slingshot, broke down the future of automation for lawn and pest management. 

The 5 R’s of automation include:

  • Routing
  • Receivables 
  • Reminders
  • Responsiveness
  • Relationships

Frampton explained why automation is a game-changer within the industry and how home service providers can utilize this technology for 2021. 


Confronted by the reality of an ever-changing pandemic era, Slingshot and Real Green Systems adapted and triumphed with the Solutions 2021 conference in its safe and virtual form. 

During the pandemic, more and more people have shifted to a lifestyle that completely revolves around their home. Accordingly, there is a greater need for quality home services than ever before. For home service providers, now is the time to adjust to meet the expanding needs of customers. 
As a sponsor of the Solutions conference and a service provider, Slingshot is at the forefront of 24/7 lawn care answering services and offers tools that empower companies to create and maintain high-quality customer service. Slingshot can help drive sales and place green businesses at the top of the modern industry. 

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