Webinar Recap: Profitability Fundamentals with Patrick Quigley

PCT Webinar Recap

We had the opportunity to partner with Pest Control Technology (PCT) for their Business Boosters Webinar series. Guest speakers, Patrick Quigley, founder of Sales Training by Design, and Chris Huntsman, Co-Founder of Slingshot, joined us to present a webinar titled: “Cross Serving” your Clients for Enhanced Profitability.

Quigley talked through 4 topics, covering how to lead your team, how to set expectations, what development strategies can be used, and finally, proven training tips for your team.

In short, this webinar covered sales training and business profitability fundamentals every home services provider can learn from. With a special thanks to PCT for letting us sponsor the Business Boosters Webinar and to Quigley for sharing some of his learnings from his 40+ years of experience in the pest control industry, we’d like to give you a quick preview of the presentation. Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

  1. Serve your Clients vs. Selling to Them
    You don’t have to sell to an existing client when you treat it as “Serving” your clients. You’re serving the customer by providing a proposal for general pest control when you see termites or rodent droppings. This is more than just sales, and as Quigley points out, “Sometimes it takes multiple touches to convince a customer that something needs to be done.”
  2. People Want to Buy. They Don’t Want to be Sold to.
    Shoving a bunch of services that weren’t asked for in front of a potential client is sales suicide. If a customer is surrounded by high-pressure sales people whenever they’re interacting with your business, this will negatively impact your close rate. And even if you are closing on some deals here and there, it can impact customer retention. Quigley warns, “There’s a better chance of customers having buyer’s remorse a few months down the road or at the end of the year.”
  3. Any Call can be a Sales Call 
    Whether your pest control company is using a specialized answering service, has an in-house answering team, or a combination of both, it’s important that these customer-facing employees and agents understand that any call can be a potential sales call. Quigley stressed how important a natural “Did I Mention…”  could be when it came to offering a relevant service.

Interested in learning more? Watch the webinar here to learn Quigley’s keys to success when it comes to enhancing your company’s profitability. 

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