Adapting your Customer Service Model for Home Services Providers

CSR for Home Services

When it comes to small businesses, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of customer service representatives (CSRs). In home services, these employees are your front-line sales and support, providing the first impression of your brand and managing almost every aspect of the buying experience.

All too often, businesses fail to recognize the importance of adapting their sales process and customer service model as they begin to scale. The result is a business that offers a long list of services across a wide geographical area, but can’t manage to get customers scheduled or provide responsive customer service.

The good news is there are many ways that growing companies can increase sales performance and enhance customer service without breaking the bank or starting from scratch.

Is Customer Service Really that Important?

The short answer is yes!

Lousy customer service destroys customer loyalty. A poor customer service experience can cancel out all the work you’re putting into the service side of your business. Check out these statistics from a recent American Express customer service survey:

  • More than half of Americans have backed out of a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service
  • 33% percent say they’ll consider switching companies after just one instance of poor service
  • Consumers tell 15 people about bad customer service experiences versus the 11 people they’ll tell about excellent service

On the flip side, good customer service gives businesses a better return on investment:

  • 70% percent of U.S. consumers report spending more money with companies that deliver exceptional service
  • Consumers are willing to spend almost 20% more with companies that provide excellent service
  • Consumers are more likely to post about good service than bad service on social media

Clearly defined best practices centered on great customer service provide the foundation your CSRs need to understand and implement your service and sales goals.

The Role of Customer Service Representatives

For home services businesses like pest control companies, CSRs do it all.

They answer and route calls, set up new accounts, schedule services, and respond to customer inquiries. Often, they process billing, manage collections, and deal with vendors. Depending on the company’s size, they might even handle issues that come in from field reps and technicians.

All along the way, CSRs work as both helpful resources and proactive salespeople, continually looking for ways to land new customers, keep existing customers happy, and increase profitability. To be a good CSR means being tech-savvy, focused, and perpetually pleasant, even when dealing with demanding customers.

It’s a tough job, and it needs to be done well in order for your business to succeed. But with good management and a strong set of best practices, your CSRs have the ability to significantly boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Powering a Productive CSR Team

Whether you’re managing one CSR, a whole team, or a mix of seasonal and permanent staff, your whole business will benefit from implementing proven processes to develop customer support and improve company culture.

Download the Powering a Productive CSR Team eGuide to get the 6 customer service management best practices. From auditing your omnichannel response to upgrading your CRM tools, this eGuide will help you prepare to adapt your customer service model for success.

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