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September 23, 2021

How to Balance Growth in a Pest Labor Shortage

PCT hosted a webinar sponsored by Slingshot with industry growth expert Andrew Barrows, Chief Strategy Officer at Greenix and Scott Steckel, Director of Strategic Development at Plunkett's Pest Control. Together with Chris Brasher, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Slingshot, the three spoke to strategies to balance sales and service during the current labor crisis.

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Customer Support Strategy

March 3, 2021

Luck Shouldn’t be Part of Your Customer Support Strategy

Don’t forget to add quality assurance to your training regimen. Education does more to improve quality than anything else you could do. When your staff understands the “why” behind what they are expected to do, they can take more initiative and become a partner in growing your business.

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Pest Control Prepare Now

February 15, 2021

Prepare Now for the Rush, A Pest Control Off Season Checklist

One of the most essential pest control winter tips is to take ample time to service your company’s equipment. Chances are, as a pest control provider, your equipment sees a lot of use over the peak summer months with little time for upkeep.

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Home Services Delegation

February 8, 2021

Home Services Providers, How Many Hats Should You Be Wearing?

A particularly effective way to grow your business and not miss out on potential customers is to outsource after-hours phone services. More than 1,000 home service professionals are enjoying the benefits of Slingshot, a 24/7 sales and customer support answering service specializing in calls, texts, web chat, and emergency dispatching.

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Pest Control Prepare Now

January 18, 2021

From less than stellar time management, to scattered planning and budgeting, to a lack of appropriate consultation, there are many factors that can contribute to stress over managing your personal finances. Here are the most common mistakes and myths to avoid when running your small business:

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Snow Removal Answering Service

December 1, 2020

Attract Top Talent for Snow and Ice Before the Busy Season Starts

Approach your job listing the same way you'd approach a new client promotion — just as you're probably advertising your services, not your prices, you should look beyond the pay rate. The truth is, competing on price is usually a losing battle. There's always someone willing to pay less. There's also always a business willing to pay just a bit more to attract the best applicants.

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Snow and Ice Management Checklist

November 4, 2020

Winter Storm Checklist for Snow and Ice Management

As soon as you hear about a forecasted snow or ice event, let your crew members know they need to be on call. Texting is a great tool for instant, efficient communication. Make sure each team member understands their response role. Welcome their questions and provide quick, thorough answers.

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Pest Control Strategies

September 9, 2020

Redefining Pest Control Strategies for 2020

William “Bill” Welsh, VP of Sales and region manager for Rose Pest Solutions and Gui Bergeron, CEO of Frontline Pest Control discussed how they’ve adapted their businesses this year to adjust for the challenges [...]

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PCT Webinar Recap

August 27, 2020

Webinar Recap: Profitability Fundamentals with Patrick Quigley

We had the opportunity to partner with Pest Control Technology (PCT) for their Business Boosters Webinar series. Guest speakers, Patrick Quigley, founder of Sales Training by Design, and Chris Huntsman, Co-Founder of [...]

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