Do you know the cost of your missed calls?

An episode of Unique Pest Posse with vice president of product marketing, Chris Brasher.

We are delighted to share that Vice President of Marketing himself, Chris Brasher, was a guest on the Pest Posse podcast to share his marketing and sales knowledge and expertise.

A Little About Chris:

With over 12 years of technology, marketing and advertising experience in various service industries, Chris has a deep understanding of how pest, lawn and other service businesses operate and the various challenges they face. 

A Little About The Pest Posse:

The Pest Posse is a trusted resource for pest management professionals to learn and grow their skills. Hosts Cully Christensen and Foster Brusca have over 45 years of combined experience in the pest management industry.

This conversation hones in on one of the most common and unfortunate problems that growing pest and other service businesses endure: missing calls and sales opportunities.

Chris discusses the urgency for understanding the cost of missed calls and the impact it has on businesses. On the flip side, he also talks about how much revenue you could potentially put back into your business with the right solution. 

While this episode focuses mainly on the pest control space, it is packed with valuable and informative tips for growing service businesses in just about any industry. 

Tune in for practical and actionable advice on how to overcome the obstacle of missing calls and sales opportunities.

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