A PMP Workshop on Understanding the Impact of Customer Retention & How to Take Action Towards Growth

We all want to grow in sales and scale our businesses. But we’ve got to keep in mind that with increased sales comes increased client churn risk. In PMP’s workshop, “New Season, New Cancels,” representatives from various Anticimex divisions take a deep dive into the impact of customer retention as well as how to implement strategies for improving the overall customer experience. 

In the workshop, we learn that companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60%  greater profits than their competitors. And 34% of customers consider leaving after one negative experience. 

With these stats in mind, how can we take action to ensure that we’re focusing on the right areas to grow our businesses? 

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“Customer growth is only a piece of the puzzle. We all have to realize that as much as we are filling up the bucket with new sales, clients are falling out of the bottom of the bucket. If I wanted 10% growth, I would need to understand what my retention rate is and how much is falling out of the bottom of the bucket to make sure I can achieve that growth.”

-Will Haynes, VP of Marketing at Modern Pest Services

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