Stop Sending Calls to the Competition: How to Capture More Leads with a Third Party Contact Center

Webinar Capture More Leads

This week, PestPac and Slingshot hosted a webinar demonstrating the most effective ways for pest control companies to stop missing calls and start capturing more leads with Slingshot’s modern sales and customer support contact center.

Chris Brasher, VP of Marketing and Sales Slingshot, Cameron Beecher, Strategic Account Manager Slingshot, and Meredith Shaw, Strategic Account Manager WorkWave, had a round table discussion diving into the following topics:

  • How Slingshot and PestPac integrate to provide first call resolution.
  • Why first call resolution matters to your bottom line.
  • How seasonal staffing challenges are resolved with Slingshot’s team of on demand CSRs.
  • The benefits of Central Inbox, Slingshot’s all-in-one customer interaction platform.

The panel discussed the challenges facing pest control companies in regards to the national labor shortage, running a home services call center, and other pest industry trends.

First call resolution (the ability to resolve a customer need or request in the first phone call), automation and integration, increased efficiency, and 360 reporting were highlighted as the principal features of a modern home services call center.

For a more in depth view on how to capture more leads with a third party contact center, check out the webinar recording above.

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