How to Win Back Churned Customers + Free eGuide

Are you aware of the current customer retention rates in your business? Most business owners aren’t familiar with these metrics, and there’s not enough focus on why customers are leaving in the first place.

One thing we need to understand is that with an increase in sales often comes the unfortunate increase in churned customers. Why is this the case? Well, customers are constantly being bombarded with more attractive offers and seeing better deals on price, quality and service, but believe it or not, these factors aren’t what’s causing them to leave. 

Studies show that what is causing them to switch is whether or not they feel happy and content with their customer experience. 

Our brand new free eGuide is all about how to keep customers coming back. Complete with statistics and strategies on how to achieve more successful customer retention, you’ll walk away with the confidence to create a strategy for your unique situation. 

Read on to get a sneak peak into the eGuide and see some of the topics we cover on how to win back lost customers! 

The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Retention 

Business owners or decision makers often spend more time focusing on organic growth and not enough time on providing the best experience possible to keep their existing customers. In the eGuide, we go over a few crucial statistics to support just how much you should be focusing on your customer experience, and why customer satisfaction is key.

Understand Your Metrics to Make Better Decisions 

Having the data to understand how your customers are engaging you is key. The eGuide outlines a few of the most valuable reports that’ll help you measure customer success and more. 

Win Back Customers Campaign

Think of it as a gentle nudge. Before they go, maybe your customer needs to be reminded of a previous good experience they had with the company, or maybe they need a bit of convincing to help them see that it is, in fact, the solution they need. Creating a win-back campaign is your answer, and we teach you exactly how to do it from start to finish in the eGuide. Win Back campaigns help increase customer retention, so you don’t want to miss this. 


If these ideas are new to you, don’t worry: that’s why we’ve created this resource. By the end, you’ll have a solid understanding of win back strategies, customer churn data, and concepts with actionable steps on how to implement them today. 

Scaling your businesses often requires you to expand your mindset, which can be challenging if you’re used to doing things in one certain way. While stepping into unfamiliar territory may feel scary and new, it’s the only way to grow, and we’re in this together! 

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