How Slingshot Helps Canton Termite & Pest Control Catch the 10-15% of Calls That Would Have Otherwise Gone to Voicemail

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There’s nothing better than hearing real, live feedback from customers. We were excited to sit with Canton’s President and Owner, Tim McWhirter Jr., and Office Manager, Jenniffer Baggett, to hear about their experience using Slingshot and PestPac both individually and as a pair.

McWhirter explained that when he started the business, it was a one-man show. As the company grew, it became impossible for him to be everywhere at once. That’s where PestPac came in. Hiring pest technicians and office staff meant that he needed an organized and efficient method for managing the business. But there were still kinks to be worked through to ensure positive growth in the company. 

Missed calls and voicemails coming in after hours and on weekends were getting out of hand — forcing office staff to work late nights and early mornings. 

Customers with last-minute cancellations or reschedule requests often called outside of business hours, and with no guaranteed answer, it often caused chaos — with time and fuel wasted and general miscommunication with the team. McWhirter realized that Jen and the office staff needed more support at baseline. 

Slingshot has helped the office staff do more with less, and now, they can confidently compete with larger businesses they would never have imagined. Check out this case study to get a more detailed view of how Slingshot has improved its overall operation—and how we can help your business as well. 

“Having Slingshot is like having another me that gets work done when I am busy.”

-Jen, Office Manager

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