The 2022 Busy Season Has Ended, What Now?

There is so much talk about both gearing up for and succeeding during the busy season, but what about when business slows down afterward? Let’s talk about what comes (or, with the right tools, should come) next. As business starts slowing down and temperatures get colder, it’s easy to slip into hibernation mode. Don’t get us wrong, after a crazy busy season, you’ve got to take a break. But once you’ve had a chance to recharge, it’s crucial to seize this incredible opportunity you have in your hands—it’s called time. Time to reflect, view and analyze your data, and plan for an even better future. 

In this post, we’ll discuss some of our findings from the busy season here at Slingshot, our general approach to data reports, and the importance of having accessible, user-friendly and sophisticated reporting tools for your business.  

Busy Season 2022 Stats Are In 

Having effective tools to track customer engagement and customer service metrics is crucial to making necessary changes to improve your bottom line. We’re sharing some of our own metrics from our busy season for two main reasons:

  1. Because your business and Slingshot operate in overlapping industries, your busy season is also ours. Our findings at Slingshot mirror your findings in your business, making them extremely valuable for you to know and understand. 
  1. To give you a glimpse of some of the metrics we monitor at Slingshot. 

Here it goes…

Metrics by Calls → Volume

  • Overall call volume is up 15% from last year

Metrics by Calls → Days

  • Monday is the largest call volume day by 17%
  • 21% of total calls come in on Monday
  • 19% of sales calls come in on Monday
  • 24% of Slingshot sales calls came in on Saturday and Sunday
    • 15% on Saturday 
    • 9% on Sunday 
  • 65% of calls come in during normal business hours 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday
  • 35% come in after hours and on weekends

Metrics by Calls → Times 

  • 8-9AM is the busiest hours of the day
  • 35% of Slingshot calls happened after business hours 

Monitor, track, report, analyze – What’s the big deal?

You already know how crucial it is to track your business’s progress. Tracking enables you to eventually see your wins and learn from your mistakes. But let’s zoom in on the word ‘eventually’ for a second.  Often, many small to midsized businesses obtain the ability to create reports and track their progress with their CSR software, but they don’t actually take the time to analyze and learn from them. If this sounds like you, please know that you’re not alone and there’s no judgment here! 

We get it. You’re extremely busy doing what you do best, which is providing your services to your customers, and sometimes it feels like survival mode, just trying to make sure you get through the week successfully. It can take a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to create reports and accurately go through them. Maybe you’ve hired consultants here and there to help you out, but it’s always an extra thing to think about.  As a business owner or operator, you understand that although it may take time away from the day-to-day, planning for the future is one of the best investments you could make.  


What if there was a way you could monitor, track, create reports and analyze your business easily from one easy and user-friendly dashboard? The good news is that Slingshot, with its incredibly robust reporting tools, makes it easy for you to create reports and see all of your data easily and clearly in a variety of ways. Our user-friendly dashboard was built for busy business owners and operators like you who need instant access to various metrics so that you can plan and make improvements in your business.  Slingshot is not your average answering service because we provide all the tools you need to grow in one flexible and cost-effective solution. Contact us to today to get your business set up with Slingshot!

P.S. Stay tuned for another post on how to analyze your reports for a more profitable future! 

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