Why Plumbers Need a 24/7 Answering Service

Plumbing Answering Service

As a homeowner, plumbing emergencies can be some of the most frustrating. They often involve leaks, damaged walls, flooring, and other surfaces in the home. Common emergencies, including burst pipes and overflowing drains, can happen at all hours, and homeowners want them fixed as soon as possible to avoid expensive repairs. Today’s customer knows that if you don’t answer their emergency call, the next plumber will.

Enlisting a 24-hour plumbing answering service makes your company available when your clients need you most. 


Challenges related to emergency customer service in the plumbing industry

‌Many plumbing companies employ a night crew to assist customers with their after-hours emergencies. In many instances, these service employees also answer phone calls and dispatch other members of the team to jobs. All too often, new calls are coming in when crews are out on a job which leaves customers waiting on hold and looking for the next number to call.  

Did you know that an estimated 25% of sales calls come in after hours or on holidays? Not having enough after hours support to answer those calls can mean losing leads and frustrating current customers who need immediate service, but hiring extra staff is time consuming and expensive hurting your bottom line. 


Being available around the clock inspires customer loyalty

‌A 24/7 answering service lets customers reach you after quitting time while receiving the same level of professional customer service they expect during traditional business hours. Outsourcing to a team of expert service agents who will ask the right questions to assess the situation and sell your plumbing services will inspire confidence and loyalty in your brand. 

Positive customer service is a key component of building customer loyalty. Emergency plumbing problems could range from an inconvenience, like not being able to get ready in the morning, to a genuine emergency, like a flooded basement with extensive water damage. In either situation, a homeowner wants to talk to someone who cares about their situation and meets their needs. 

Having a friendly customer support agent within reach at all hours gives your customers the convenience and assurance that their emergencies will be dealt with quickly no matter the hour. With a 24/7 answering service, your customers will be more likely to remember you and call you for routine fixes next time they need a plumber, or they might leave a positive review for your company. 

Answering services can increase revenue

‌Calls that come in at night might not be emergency situations requiring immediate assistance. The problem could be as simple as a slow-draining kitchen sink, but your client could call after hours because they noticed the problem and want to schedule an appointment before they forget. 

Most clients aren’t likely to leave a message on your voicemail. They’re more inclined to call around until they find another plumbing company that answers. Or they will look for a company with online booking options. Finding an answering service that offers both phone and internet-based customer service solutions, will allow your clients to book your plumbers when it’s convenient for them. Using these professionals for 24/7 access  could potentially increase your annual revenue, because they can close after hours sales . 


24/7 access meets your existing CRM standards

Turning your business over to a third party overnight can be worrisome. But our agents will call, email or text the on call technician, ensuring the same level of responsive customer service customers expect during the day. Our agents can also schedule services and collect payments. They specialize in sales, and can sell your services any time.  

‌Any leads that come into your business will be promptly answered via phone, email, or chat. You can capture any lead that comes into your business and respond to them, enhancing the customer experience.  


Consistent messaging of your availability enhances your reputation

‌Working your around-the-clock availability into your advertising helps establish your reputation as a reliable company. Spread the word by incorporating this messaging into all customer touchpoints. 

  • Make sure your Google Business listing indicates that you’re available 24/7
  • Add a graphic on your trucks to show around the clock availability
  • ‌Feature your messaging prominently on your website’s home and contact page 
  • ‌Include a “24/7 availability” line on all of your marketing materials

Advertising your plumbing company as being available 24/7 establishes your business as prompt and reliable. Keeping it at the forefront of your messaging lets people know that they can call you anytime day or night. If an emergency occurs and a customer is scouring the internet for a plumber in the area, they will know that they can call you. 


Set up your answering service now

‌Stop missing out on the clients who call after hours. Get started with an emergency plumbing answering service to keep your company available to customers whenever the need arises. Being available 24/7 will boost your credibility, especially if clients can reach you not only through the phone, but through other communication channels as well: text, webchat, messenger, etc.  

Slingshot can help you enhance your brand and grow your company with our 24/7 customer sales and support team of expert agents. Let us handle after-hours phone calls and dispatch so your technicians are free to complete their jobs quickly. 

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