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At Slingshot, we appreciate our partners and the incredible work we do together to improve the home services industry. These partnerships lead to meaningful campaigns that help home services business owners across the nation.

Our partners showcase their own areas of expertise, with engaging new information and insights we can all learn from. Read on to see why we think some of our partners’ best blog posts are such great reads.

1. Breakthrough Academy: How This Trades Business Owner Took 46 Vacation Days in a Year

With a focus on trades, Breakthrough Academy brings unparalleled strength to the structure of your entire business while grounding it all within actionable goals. Breakthrough Academy offers BTA management systems that serve as a tailor-made solution to your business challenges. 

We love Breakthrough Academy’s blog entitled, “How This Trades Business Owner Took 46 Vacation Days in a Year.” As we all know, business owners often struggle to take time off and otherwise enjoy the fruits of their labor. BTA member Moses Horner, though, is different. This successful businessman was able to take nearly 50 days off because of the sustainable efficiency of his business.

We were inspired by the story of this businessman who has found time to enjoy life: “Before he joined the BTA Program, Moses would be required to check-in regularly throughout the day, often coming home to “Oh [shoot]!” moments because of things that were overlooked during his vacation. One time he found his laptop filled with sand because he had to work while on the beach. Now, he has the structure and support needed to enjoy his vacation time, which is separated from his daily business demands.”

2. PestRoutes: The Mental Health Connection to Technician Retention 

Our partner PestRoutes offers innovative pest control software solutions. From routing software to office management, PestRoutes streamlines the pest management business — all with smooth implementation and easy-to-use interfaces. 

We were intrigued by “The Mental Health Connection to Technician Retention” for its compassionate look into the stressful realities of the home service business. In tandem with World Mental Health Day, PestRoutes explored the ways pest management businesses can minimize stress for their employees through strategies like strong communication, appreciation, and proper training. 

This blog offered an illuminating and compelling look into the nature of technician work. We especially appreciated the care that went into researching the best way to support our hard-working technicians: “A pest control company can’t function without effective technicians. They are the ones out in the field, directly interacting with customers and providing the service that represents your company. And a revolving door of people moving in and out of technician positions does not aid in fostering a culture of consistency and peace of mind. As such, technicians should be shown that they are a valued part of the organization.”   

3. WorkWave: How to Upsell Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

As business people, we are always looking for innovative ways to champion our services, and “How to Upsell Your Lawn Care & Landscaping Services” by WorkWave did not disappoint. This blog offered a fresh perspective on the classic upsell — the right way! While upselling is often disdained for its “pushy” or “salesy” quality, this blog argues that upselling can be as simple as laying out the benefits to the customer and leaving the decision in their hands. 

Using your expertise is a tremendous plus: “For example, you know that leaving a dead tree in a yard will not only create problems for the surrounding environment, but it can turn into a major safety issue, too. However, many people don’t even know how to spot a dead tree, much less understand the potential hazards.”

WorkWave provides market-leading field services and software solutions to home service companies looking to elevate their business in every stage, including marketing, delivery, financial transactions, and more.

4. Coalmarch: How Flexible is Your CSR Team?

With their innovative solutions in digital marketing, recruiting, and team management, it is no surprise that Coalmarch is a top choice for many industry leaders.

We were compelled by Coalmarch’s blog “How Flexible is Your CSR Team?” for its insightful dive into adaptable customer service.

This blog cuts right to the chase — touching on all of the key points of remaining flexible in a time like the COVID-19 pandemic in order to stay connected with customers: “Now more than ever before, it is essential to make your pest control business more adaptable. Flexibility in your business operations allows you to protect production capability, pivot quickly if situations change, and give CSRs the tools to make the right decisions during a time where customer experience is critical.”

5. Briostack: 7 Ways to Increase Revenue and Profitability for Your Pest Control Company

Briostack was born out of a need for more innovative pest control software — which they deliver through scalable software solutions. We trust Briostacks’s guide to boosting profits: “7 Ways to Increase Revenue and Profitability for Your Pest Control Company.” This blog touches on seven of the best practices for elevating your home service business, including prioritizing the customer, embracing new technology, and more. 

This illuminating read offers an inside-the-industry look at how to improve your growing business, “For any changes or updates, you incorporate, think about how they will affect your customers. Will these changes improve the quality of their life and will they stay loyal to your business? You want to make sure that your services foster customer retention. Greater retention will increase your revenue and help optimize your profits.”  

6. Real Green Systems: Grow Your Lawn Care Business Through Automation

Real Green Systems looks to the future in their exciting blog, “Grow Your Lawn Care Business through Automation.” Real Green, a company that offers smart marketing and home services software solutions for the green industry, has its eyes on automation as the future of home services. 

Running a small business is no walk in the park. When that small business is a lawn care company, you have a whole separate set of obstacles on top of standard business operations. You have to think about how to retain and train employees, maximize the efficiency of your routes, provide accurate quotes in a timely manner, and the list goes on and on… So how can you possibly grow your business when you’re so focused on the day-to-day activities? The solution starts with automation,” Real Green imagines. 

This is the perfect read for a green industry business looking to level up in their day-to-day operations. At Slingshot, we are inspired by the innovations, insight, and home services resources our partners like Real Green create, and we hope you are, too.   

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