How Major Brands Build Brand Affinity

Part One of WorkWave’s Four-Part ‘Beyond Service’ Webinar Series

When experts in sales and marketing join forces to discuss some of the most pressing business growth challenges, it’s not something you want to miss!       

WorkWave’s VP of Product Marketing, Chris Brasher, joins together with the Chief Sales Officer at Saela, Daniel O’Donnal, and the Chief Marketing Officer at Authority Brands, Heather McLeod, to discuss how to build brand loyalty, customer retention and more.

This webinar will empower you with the tools you need to:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Make negative customer experiences right
  • Strengthen the connection between your marketing and operations
  • Evaluate reports to determine the key metrics that drive your revenue
  • Build employee affinity and franchise affinity 
  • +More 

Employees and field service workers are oftentimes the direct catalyst of how customers experience the brand as a whole.

“A lot of attachment to a brand is derived specifically from the consumer experience. When people think about our brand, most of the time they’re thinking about a specific interaction that happened in their home with an employee. A lot of our focus is on the actual service delivery– on how our employees help our customers experience the brand, because they are oftentimes the direct catalyst of that customer experience.”

-Heather McLeod, Chief Marketing Officer at Authority Brands

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