Using Flexibility to Save Time and Boost Culture with Jared Borg at Green Pest Services

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As someone who works in the pest control business, you know that positive customer interactions are crucial. In order to succeed and grow, pest control companies need to be available to new customers whenever they reach out. This means providing seamless scheduling, on-demand customer service, and around-the-clock responsiveness.

Partnering with Slingshot has been a game-changer for Jared Borg, Owner and Partner of Green Pest Services in Virginia and Pointe Pest Control in Chicago. Borg says bringing on additional customer support has added a level of flexibility that has enhanced the way he supports his employees and his goals for Green Pest Services.

Speed Up Customer Response Time

Offering 24/7 customer support puts your business head and shoulders above your competitors. Anytime a customer calls, a trained virtual customer service representative (CSR) can take care of pest control sales, customer care concerns, and questions about your services. 

“We appreciate the flexibility Slingshot gives us,” Borg says. “In our business, if we don’t pick up that call, the customer’s not going to leave a voicemail. And if they do, by the time we get to it, that customer is gone.” 

Virtual industry trained CSRs pick up calls when you can’t, so clients and potential clients can talk to a real person when it’s convenient for them. 

Borg is also well aware that picking up is only half the battle. Speed is especially critical when it comes to leads. “We have to pick those up as fast as we can,” he says. “Quick pick up times are the king of the game in this deal.”

Seasonal Solutions

The pest control business is highly seasonal in most states. The cyclical nature of this business makes it a challenge to manage business elements like hiring and scaling. 

Borg says bringing on virtual sales rep capabilities at Green Pest Services has helped him solve some of these challenges. “Five years ago, I needed one sales guy year-round, but in the summer, I needed four salespeople,” he explains. “And in the process of scaling up and down, I always had Slingshot to rely upon.” 

Bringing virtual reps into the mix can help your business stay the course despite fluctuating call volumes, whether it’s the typical summer spike or rapid growth. Features like pest control routing software create a seamless experience for customers. 

Eliminating Training and Onboarding Issues

Training and onboarding can be disruptive and time-consuming for companies of all sizes. Onboarding can bring operations to a screeching halt for small businesses as new employees work through training. 

As Borg puts it, “Onboarding is a pain.” He considers providing his customers with seamless, on-demand access to phone support a “total luxury” when it comes to providing a stop-gap solution for training and onboarding. When you can consistently handle call volume, you don’t have to worry about what to do with your seasonal employees during the slow months. 

It’s also important to Borg that the agents answering calls from his customers understand Green Pest Services and connect with customers with the same level of integrity and commitment to service as he would. As a longtime partner to pest control businesses all over the country, Slingshot excels in this area. 

Giving Owners Time to Recharge

Newer pest control company owners can have an especially hard time breaking away from the office for a day off now and then. Borg says that owners often work 6 to 7 days a week over an entire summer. “They need a break.”

Virtual reps can provide that break without sacrificing good customer service or risking valuable leads. “I had a chat with a small operator — they’re brand new and starting out,” Borg says. “They feel the obligation to forward every call to their cell phone, 24/7.”

The pressure is on for owner-operators in this field. They are acutely aware that every missed call represents a potential sale that’s gone forever. It’s hard to break away even when they need to recharge or spend time with important people in their lives outside of work.

“If they miss out on a sales call on the weekend, they feel the loss,” he explains. “Those are the guys who need to get phone help on the weekends.” 

Improving Employee Work-Life Balance

When a small business owner has a reliable plan to fall back on, they can be far more flexible as a boss. Taking time off can lead to feelings of guilt or resentment for some employees at small businesses, but owners and employees who never get away are sure to burn out.  

“In our schedules with people taking vacation and time off, it’s a good stop-gap for us,” Borg explains. “It’s not like ‘Hey man, you have to work this Saturday because no one else can.’ It’s ‘Hey, man, not a big deal — Slingshot will pick these up.’”

Employees who feel encouraged to balance work and life commitments are far less likely to burn out or change careers. “In the process of scaling up and down, it’s been nice to have Slingshot in the backdrop,” he says. 

Even when supplemented with a virtual call center service, operations like Green Pest Services thrive when they can rely on a core group of dedicated, enthusiastic in-house employees. 

Increasing Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employees who enjoy work and feel like their employer cares about their well-being are more likely to stick around and give their best when they are in the office. Borg uses Slingshot to ensure the Green Pest Services staff has the downtime they need to stay productive during the day. 

“We spend a lot of time making our employees feel appreciated, and we always get a return on it,” he says. “Any time we can, we make our employees feel appreciated, whether it’s small bonuses, gifts, or finding ways to say thank you.” 

One way he lets his employees know how much he appreciates their dedication is by supporting them with friendly virtual agents who can step in before they feel stressed or overworked. Borg’s goal is to constantly build on a strong relationship with his family of employees.

“It’s a big deal to find good people and keep them with us as long as we can,” he says. 

Transforming the Way Pest Control Companies Succeed and Grow

Slingshot will bring you more leads, happier employees, and less stress. You’ll gain access to a full complement of services that will enhance your growth. In addition to 24/7 responsiveness by phone, Slingshot offers around the clock web chat, text, and social media engagement coverage, so you’ll never miss a lead, no matter where it originates. 

As Borg puts it: “Whatever we’ve done, it’s never not made sense to use Slingshot. This is the biggest no brainer in the world.”

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