Slingshot Teams Up with Voice for Pest to Provide Pest Management Companies with Integrated Communications

Voice for Pest Slingshot Partnership

Slingshot and Voice for Pest announce a unique integration that will allow pest management professionals (PMP) to manage, monitor, and analyze client call data within Slingshot’s platform.

LEHI, UTAH, July 15, 2020 — Slingshot, the leading 24/7 home services sales and contact center, and Voice for Pest, the pest management industry’s leading phone system provider, announce an exciting new partnership with integrated voice and data solutions.

With phone communications accounting for 70 to 90 percent of pest sales and customer transactions, PMPs can now combine inboxes within Slingshot and use the new “click-to-call” functionality and immediate Slingshot assignment for returning voicemails and missed or dropped calls. In addition, PMPs will be able to manage and track all calls, whether their customer speaks with them or Slingshot, with integrated custom reporting available through the Slingshot inbox.

Voice for Pest CEO Tom Welsh is confident the integration will enable PMPs to improve response times. “Many companies are finding they need their phone systems to be more flexible, especially given today’s environment. By combining Voice for Pest calls and voicemails within the Slingshot platform, providers can respond to customer requests quickly,” Welsh explains. “Ultimately, it’s a game-changer for our customers, considering their call volume and the potential value of their call data.”

“We want to make it easier for pest control companies to scale operations while consistently providing excellent service to their customers,” says Taylor Olson, Slingshot CEO. “One major benefit of the integration is giving clients enhanced omni-channel communication abilities with a leader in phone services.”

The pest control industry is enjoying an upward trajectory. Factors like an increase in bedbugs and mosquito control have added to the industry’s growth. Analysts predict that the pest control market in the U.S. will grow to a value of $27.5 billion by year-end 2025.

Slingshot now works with more than 30 percent of the top 100 pest control companies in the U.S. making Voice for Pest, with phone systems in hundreds of PMP offices nationwide, an ideal partner. Welsh and Olson are excited about the partnership, which is changing the way providers approach call management, lead response and 24/7 virtual sales.

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Voice for Pest is the Pest Management Industry leader in designing and implementing unparalleled Voice and Data solutions for PCO’s of any size. We are a complete systems integrator with hundreds of Pest Management offices utilizing our solutions

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