Revolutionizing the Lawn Care Business: How Slingshot Helped Josh Wise of Grassroots Turf Achieve Efficiency and Growth

Meet Josh Wise, the owner of Grassroots Turf, a lawn care company based in Georgia, USA. Josh was facing a common problem in the lawn care industry: the struggle to keep his staff year-round. He didn’t want to hire a bunch of employees just for the peak season and then lay them off in a few months. This meant he needed a solution that could help him fill the gap during peak season without having to go through the hassle of hiring and laying off employees.

That’s when Wise discovered Slingshot, a call center solution that integrates directly with RealGreen, the software system Wise uses to manage his lawn care business. Slingshot’s integration with RealGreen meant that Wise could streamline his processes even further — and the benefits didn’t stop there.

With Slingshot, Wise was able to improve his business’s efficiency and communication, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue. Customers were able to sign up for services online, pay over the phone and receive service promptly. And, most importantly, Wise was able to keep his staff year-round, which ensured that his customers received consistent and high-quality service.

To get more specific on how Slingshot positively impacted Wise’s business, read his case study here!

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