How Velvet Green Organic Lawn Care Uses Slingshot and RealGreen to Boost Sales and Employee Retention

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WorkWave representatives from Slingshot and RealGreen had the exciting opportunity to meet with Tom Johnson of Velvet Green to discuss the company’s experience with RealGreen’s  Service Assistant 5 and more recently, Slingshot. 

Tom explained that their original method for running the business simply wasn’t sustainable. Juggling scheduling, financing, customer service, and more all on different platforms, was too much, and they needed to find a solution that would make everything more efficient. Also, with the influx of calls during busy hours, they were missing a lot of opportunities for new sales, but it was too costly to hire a full-time employee to work in the office. 

If you think that RealGreen and Slingshot have boosted their productivity, saved them time and money, and improved their customer and employee retention, then you are correct! 

But what are the secrets inside these two systems that have improved Velvet Green’s overall operation? That’s for you to find out in this case study, outlining some of the most crucial benefits and insights into RealGreen and Slingshot. See how they enabled Velvet Green to grow faster than ever, and how it can help your business as well. 
Check out the case study here. And as always, get in touch with any questions! 

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