How Brandon Rushing Uses Slingshot to Stay Ahead

Brandon Rushing Lawn & Garden Care has been serving the Fairfax and Arlington Counties and Alexandria City, Virginia since 1995. They offer a full suite of lawn and garden services for every season, focusing specifically on residential maintenance. From soil testing and analysis to Fall lawn recovery, from hard surface vegetation management to lawn treatments and so much more, Rushing and his expert team have perfected their maintenance program over the past 25 years. Their lawn care program includes everything customers need for beautiful and healthy turf, all year long. 

When Rushing realized how much time his team was spending checking voicemails and missed calls, he realized that they were missing out on too many new leads and opportunities. That’s when he discovered Slingshot, and it has exceeded his expectations—here are the top five reasons why: 

1. No More Catch Up In the Morning

Instead of spending the morning—the highest call volume time of day—checking voicemails from the 7am-9am rush, Brandon Rushing’s team could now get ahead on new sales leads. Thanks to Slingshot, many of the sales and customer calls would already be resolved by the time they walked into the office.  

2. First Contact Resolution    

With CSRs available to answer calls or chats 24/7, answer customer questions, sell their services, qualify leads, and schedule appointments, take payments, and more, Brandon Rushing was done telling customers to “leave a message.” Customers can get in touch at any time of day or night with the confidence that their concerns will be resolved on the first try.

3. Immediate Increase in Sales

This may seem obvious—more CSRs catching more leads should equal more sales, right? Ideally yes, but this isn’t always the case with just any answering service. Slingshot, however, is not your average answering service, and Brandon Rushing utilizes it as an extension of this sales team. He has seen a 10-15% growth in sales per year over the past 3 years.

4. More CSR’s For a Fraction of the Cost    

Brandon was hesitant at first to get involved with a third party answering service because he always preferred to hire in-house employees. Then he realized that with Slingshot, he could have an extended sales team during the busy season (or any other time he needed, like nights and weekends) without needing to interview, train, and onboard new employees. It’s also a guaranteed positive ROI, whereas one single employee may not be. 

5. User-Friendly Dashboard 

With Slingshot’s user-friendly dashboard, any sales or customer service employee can go in and access customer information. Now when customers call, there are no routine, repetitive questions, since the CSR can see all of the notes from their account easily right in front of them. This results in shorter calls and a more enjoyable and efficient experience for the customer and the company.

To hear more details of Brandon Rushing’s experience with Slingshot, read the full case study here.

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