Marketing Corner: The 3 Marketing Strategies Every Pest Control Operator Should Be Utilizing

Marketing Strategies for Pest Control

The market for pest control services is growing. Valued at $20 billion in 2020, it’s estimated to reach $28.1 billion by 2027. To get a share of that growth, pest control companies need to be present in their local markets.

These three pest control marketing tips can help you to achieve that goal.

1. Claim your Google My Business Listing

When people search for a local business, about nine out of 10 will click on a result near the top of the page. You want to be in that position when people search for pest control, and that means filling out your Google My Business profile.

Google makes it easy to claim and manage your company’s listing. Follow the instructions provided to enter all of the information a potential customer might need, including your:

  • Business category
  • Services provided
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Website

It’s also important to keep an eye on the competition, says one experienced pest control marketer. The pest industry attracts spammers that flood local listings with fake addresses, so keep an eye on who’s competing with you for the top spot. If it’s not a competitor you recognize, check it out, and report it if it’s illegitimate. The more fake addresses Google removes, the faster you can reach the top. 

2. Get More Reviews

Reviews strengthen your presence on all local listing services, including Google My Business. More than 80% of consumers read online reviews, and 52% of 18 to 54-year-olds “always” read reviews before choosing a local business.

Customers may not think to leave reviews on their own, but they respond when you ask. Among customers who get requests for reviews, 76% do so. The more you ask, the more reviews you’ll receive. 

One pest control company has received more than 1,900 Google reviews by rewarding employees for successful asks. The company values all feedback and responds to every comment, and now it receives about 50 reviews per month. 

Responding is key. Among consumers who read online reviews, 97% read the business’s response. When you respond helpfully, professionally, and empathetically to all reviews, you show potential customers that you care about providing great service. 

3. Build a Consistent Social Media Presence

Social media is an effective way for companies to attract more pest leads. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes a day to connect over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Make sure your profiles have all of the important information people might need about your company but focus your content on starting conversations. For example:

  • Ask relatable questions like “What pest do you dislike the most?” 
  • Share pest prevention tips
  • Post timely, locally relevant content (i.e., “What pests you should be aware of during a California summer”)

Your goal is to build relationships, not necessarily to make direct sales. Don’t be discouraged if your social media strategy doesn’t increase pest sales right away — the payoff here is long-term.

The Takeaway

Pest control marketing has two components: making people aware of your business and being there when they search for your services. A strong Google presence, plenty of reviews, and regular social media posts will make a big difference.

Also, consider implementing live chat on your website, so people get answers to their questions at any hour of the day. Few things cement relationships for pest control operators better than being there when someone discovers termites at 2 a.m.

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