At Home Reps – Please Read Entirely Before Scheduling Your Tech Test

Please ensure you ONLY schedule 1 appointment.

  • If you are new and have never been setup to work for Slingshot and need your computer setup and your internet tested, or if you are an existing employee and are switching to a new computer and need it setup, schedule the “Computer Setup and Internet Test” option.
  • If your computer has already been setup and you just need an internet test (common reasons for this are you are an existing employee that moved to a new location, you switched internet services, or you already had your computer setup but didn’t get your internet tested yet), please schedule the “Internet Test” option.
  • You should ONLY schedule one or the other, not both, and please do not schedule multiple appointments.

Important Notes:

  • Scheduling below will be for a remote appointment. Someone from the tech team will be contacting you via Slack if you’ve already started with Slingshot, or by text message if you’re new and being setup for the first time. Please be prepared and watch your slack/texts on the appointment date.
  • If you have any questions before your start date or appointment, please contact your recruiter/training team.
  • You will be sent a reminder email 8 hours before, and again 1 hour before the appointment. Please ensure you attend your appointment. If you’re unable to, make sure to cancel or reschedule before your appointment via the links in the initial email you received when you scheduled the appointment.
  • Double check the times you are trying to schedule for. It should default to the correct timezone you are in, if not you can select it at the bottom of the calendar. Make sure your appointment doesn’t conflict with the times you will be in training. If you need to go this route, talk to your trainer first to confirm.
  • By scheduling a computer set up, you are acknowledging that Slingshot will be making any necessary changes to your computer. Changes may include items for PCI compliance and to work efficiently with our software, and adding any necessary software.
  • The Slingshot tech team will be using Zoom to remotely connect to your computer.
  • Before your appointment you MUST meet all of the requirements listed in this article. Please read this and confirm you have all the necessary items, and your computer meets the minimum specifications:

Ensure you have all required equipment from the article above, then select one of the options below to schedule your appointment