Delight and Conquer.

From web lead response and live chat to comprehensive, around-the-clock sales, Slingshot services are designed to meet the demands of the modern pest control customer.

Are you equipped to give the people what they want?

RedEye™ | After Hours Sales

More than a quarter of pest control sales happen outside of regular business hours. With RedEye™, Slingshot’s 24/7 sales team captures and converts your off-hours calls.

Pursuit™ | Web Lead Response

After the first 5 minutes, your chance of contacting a prospect shrinks by 1000%. With Pursuit™, we engage your email & web leads instantly, contacting and converting leads that would otherwise disappear.

Lead Response Time

> 100 min

Backup™ | Overflow Call Support

Each minute a customer spends on hold increases the likelihood of hangups and lost opportunities. Backup™ keeps wait times low so you can sell potential customers before they look elsewhere.

Time to Answer:

100 sec

Catalyst™ | Live Webchat

Live webchat addresses the modern customer’s need for online interactivity. Catalyst™ live webchat lets site visitors make an instant human connection with your brand, sparking conversations and boosting conversion rates by up to 60%.


Ready to see us in action?

Boost™ | Business Hours Sales

Say goodbye to inbound sales stress with Boost™. Help us develop a sales profile for your company, then sit back and watch us work. Our dedicated pest control sales team will represent your brand with speed, passion, and precision.

New Customers:


New Customer Value:

$ 0 M

NightWatch™ | 24/7 Customer Support

The customer never sleeps – why should your customer service? With NightWatch™, our customer care team is there to build your brand and delight your customers around the clock.

Elevate™ | 5-Star Review Collection

88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family. We’ll secure positive customer feedback on networks like Craigslist, Yelp, Facebook, and Google to help expand your online presence and Elevate™ your brand.


Just how much do online reviews matter?

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FireDrill™ | Emergency Dispatch

Slingshot Flame

Popular with our clients on the Copesan network, FireDrill™ emergency dispatch alerts your technicians of emergency pest calls, 24 hours a day. Our team coordinates your on-call technicians so you can be there for your customers wherever – and whenever – they need you.