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Slingshot helps home service providers instantly engage leads, enhance close rates, and turn customers into raving fans.


Your business, just better.

Supercharge Your Sales

Our dedicated pest and lawn sales teams instantly engage and convert your inbound leads around the clock. Let us turn your sales opportunities into loyal customers.

Always On

With Slingshot, your brand never goes to bed. Our sales and customer service teams are available 24/7, 365 – night owls welcome.

By The Numbers

Boost Your Brand

Customer preferences have changed. With lower hold times, online interactivity, and review collection, Slingshot lets you reach millennials and online visitors.

New Customers
$ 0 M
New Customer Value
100 sec
Speed to Answer
100 min
Lead Response Time
Afterhours Sales
More than a quarter of pest control sales happen outside of regular business hours - are you missing out?
Email & Web Leads
Convert your email & web leads before the trail goes cold.
Overflow Call Support
Overwhelmed by incoming calls? Don't worry. The cavalry's here.
Live Webchat
Live web chat increases the chance of a purchase by as much as 60%. Seriously.
Daytime Sales
An enterprise-level sales team dedicated to pest control sales? Yes please.
24/7 Customer Support
Your brand never sleeps. Neither do we.
5-star Reviews
Online reviews can make or break your business. Are your fans being heard?
Emergency Dispatch
Be there for your customers when it all hits the fan.

Actionable data at your fingertips.

From inbound conversion rates to lead source performance, Slingshot’s real-time reports give you the data you need to optimize your business – instantly.

The Slingshot Effect.

  • "The addition of Slingshot to our marketing mix has been simple and seamless. They have been willing to customize sales scripts to fit our customer's needs and the accounts they have sold for us are solid!"

    Lenny Gray
    Lenny Gray
  • "Slingshot has dramatically improved our closing ratio. They take after hour calls and follow up on internet leads, so that prospects get immediate attention instead of waiting until "things slow down" to call back."

    Karl Durst
    Karl Durst
  • "I’ve been with Slingshot since their beginning!  I have always felt like they ‘got it’ from an owner’s perspective. They have been an integral partner in the growing of my home service businesses."

    Joel Flake
    Joel Flake
  • "Slingshot enabled us to increase our residential starts and helped us meet the needs of clients calling after hours and trying to communicate with us online. Our year over year sales are up 100%.”

    Bill Welsh
    Bill Welsh

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