While McCall Services builds sandcastles, Slingshot builds their brand.

McCall Service has been serving Florida and Georgia since 1928. Family owned and operated, McCall offers the latest, most eco-friendly pest control solutions to help their customers maintain pest-free homes and businesses.


Featured Service:

Redeye | Afterhours Sales

The challenge.

The After Hours Dilemma

Raymond Kidwell

“We knew we had customers trying to reach us outside of business hours, but didn’t want to take on the expense and hassle of staffing our office 24/7. Slingshot’s RedEye service provided the perfect solution. “

Raymond Kidwell | VP of Processes and Implementation

The results.


Team Satisfaction.

“Before Slingshot, we had to choose between losing money and killing our staff. Now, we can offer great quality of life for our team without sacrificing any sales or customer service opportunities.”

24/7 brand building.

“Weekend and night time callers are always pleasantly surprised to speak with a real person. It gives our brand a unique edge and lets our current customers know they can count on us around the clock.”


Unbeatable ROI.

“Simply put, Redeye helps us sign up customers we would have never spoken to. More availability equals more sales. “

The takeaway.

“Our experience with Slingshot has been hugely positive. It’s great to be able to leave the office every night knowing our customers are taken care of, and the boost to our overall sales isn’t too shabby either.”

Raymond Kidwell | VP of Processes and Implementation

What if?

Enter your yearly sales and press “enter” to see how many additional sales Slingshot could reel in.

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