Insights’ leads were going cold. Slingshot turned up the heat.

Insight Pest Solutions is a leader in customer-focused pest management serving communities across the United States. Insight’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by their steady growth and reflected in their outstanding online ratings.


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Boost | Daytime Sales

The challenge.

Inbound Sales Chaos


“Before Slingshot, our internal sales solution wasn’t working. We were spending a ridiculous amount of time and energy just trying to keep up with inbound volume, and our customer service suffered as a result. We were missing out on new customers due to long wait times and our staff was simply overwhelmed.”

Adam Villareal | CEO

The results.

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Happy customers.

“Suddenly our inbound callers were spending less time waiting to talk to a real person. We were able to connect with our customers and get them scheduled for the services they needed – before they gave up and called a competitor.”

Freedom to grow.

“Turning sales over to Slingshot freed up the time and money we needed to focus on more important things – supporting our techs, serving our customers, and growing our business. “


A dramatic increase in sales.

“The impact of Slingshot was immediate and powerful, and it’s apparent in our numbers. Our year-over-year sales have gone up over 100%.”

The takeaway.

“Slingshot took one of the most challenging aspects of our business and made it effortless. We know we can trust Slingshot to respond quickly to leads, sell at a high level, and most importantly, take care of the customers who rely on us.”

Adam Villareal | CEO

What if?

Enter your yearly sales and press “enter” to see how many additional sales Slingshot could reel in.

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