Slingshot And Aptive’s Partnership Improves Retention And Reaches 500K Customer Interactions

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Slingshot serves Aptive Environmental through explosive growth with 100 dedicated agents focused on multiple campaigns, including 24/7, omni-channel sales, receivables, customer service and retention.

LEHI, UTAH, November 10, 2020 — Slingshot, the leading 24/7 customer engagement and sales service platform for pest control and home services providers, reaches a new milestone with Aptive Environmental, the fastest growing pest control firm in the nation. With over 100 trained, dedicated agents and now over 575,000 interactions for the year, Slingshot continues to support Aptive’s sales, accounts receivables (AR), customer service and retention initiatives.

Ranked 7 in the Pest Control Technology (PCT) Magazine’s Top 100, Aptive has experienced staggering growth since they began and partnered with Slingshot in 2016, with an impressive 46% growth in 2019. And with 43 branches across the nation servicing customers in 3,700 cities, it has met incredible demands.

Edmund Mackey, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer for Aptive and previously Head of Digital Strategy and Marketing for ServiceMaster, has witnessed the growth first-hand. “Slingshot got us up and running in under a month, and the results literally blew us away. While it started small, we’ve added customer calls, retention, sales and AR, which all improved year-over-year. It was one of the best business decisions we made in 2019.”

Today, Slingshot covers as many as 75,000 monthly customer interactions and phone calls for Aptive, and sold over $7.5M worth of annual revenue. Taylor Olson, CEO of Slingshot, states, “Our mission of never missing a lead has been extended to serving every customer need with Aptive, just on a much larger scale. It’s been an incredible partnership from the beginning working together on such explosive year-over-year growth.”

Such growth doesn’t only come from new customers. Aptive focuses on several different areas of their business in tandem with Slingshot’s industry trained agents. A portion of agents make up Aptive’s “Win back” team and are dedicated to winning back previous customers. Another team, “Customer Loyalty Specialists,” focuses on current customer retention and satisfaction. There is also an AR team that has retrieved over $8.5 million for Aptive since the team was created in early 2019, and has brought in over $3 million in a single month.

The key to success in these various initiatives is the specialized nature of each teams’ training and integrations with Aptive. Slingshot’s agents work inside Aptive’s CRM actively collecting payments, scheduling new services, and handling existing appointments, scaling up and down for summers and winters. These flexible teams have helped Aptive seamlessly transition through seasons without the time-consuming and frustrating process of recruiting and onboarding new employees.

Edmund concludes, “Slingshot is an extension of our customer service, customer retention, and customer loyalty departments. When we’ve experienced call variability—Mondays, evenings, even seasonally—it can be difficult to staff. We’ve been able to remain efficient during these times without a hiring or training surge. They’re collaborative, flexible, and very adaptive. I don’t think there’s a more essential partnership to us than Slingshot.”

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