How Go Organic Lawn Care Jumped From Closing 44% of Deals to 64% in 1 Year With Slingshot

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Go Organic Lawn Care is a family-owned business located in Oakland, NJ. For over 35 years, they’ve been dedicated to providing clients with healthy, green, weed-free lawns while minimizing environmental impact. As a long-standing customer of Real Green, Go Organic was happy to bring Slingshot on board to help them scale even more.

In the following case study, see how Go Organic was able to scale exponentially in a short period of time, just by putting the right CSR support in place to help them answer and take care of every call. Members of the Slingshot and Real Green teams met with George Louvis, the marketing director at Go Organic, who told us all about why the Real Green-Slingshot integration has been a golden pair for their business.

He told us, “The fact that Slingshot has trained their agents to operate within the Real Green system makes the whole integration extremely valuable for us.” Having the peace of mind that Slingshot is always there to pick up their call overflow and close deals with new customers is everything. 

Whether your business uses RealGreen already, or you’re completely new to any of the WorkWave products, you’ll want to read through this case study to see how these two solutions together can improve your bottom line exponentially.

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