ABC Dallas needed backup. Slingshot called in the cavalry.

Founded in 1949, ABC Home and Commercial Services is Texas’ largest independently owned and operated home services company. ABC provides environmentally responsible, trustworthy, and reliable services to customers all across Lone Star State.


Featured Service:

Backup | Overflow Call Support

The challenge.

Insane Inbound Volume


“As Texas’ largest independent home services, we field a huge volume of inbound calls. Before Slingshot, call spikes were a constant challenge. We’d do our best to have adequate staff in place, but we were still faced with long hold times, dropped calls, and unhappy customers.”

John Crouch | Director of Customer Relations

The results.

Improved Customer Experience.

“Issues affecting the home can be very stressful for our customers – removing stress from the sales process is a big win. Customers reach a live agent almost instantly, and we have the time to provide the service we’re known for.”


On-demand support.

“Backup means there’s always someone available to answer our calls. No matter what happens – staff meetings, power outages, illness – we know we always have inbound coverage.”

More sales opportunities.

“Modern customers hate waiting. Backup gets us on the line with customers who would have otherwise given up and called a competitor.”


The takeaway.

“Slingshot is an extension of our office. It’s reassuring to know that when we get overwhelmed, we’ve got specialized, dedicated backup. Slingshot’s overflow service has made life easier for our team and helped us earn more customers – it’s something we’d recommend to everyone in the industry. “

John Crouch | Director of Customer Relations

What if?

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