Bringing the customer service revolution to home services industry.


Over the past two decades, we’ve witnessed a revolution in customer expectations and behaviors. More than ever before, today’s consumer demands speed, interactivity, and 24/7 availability.

Since 2014, Slingshot has been helping pest control companies adapt to the needs of this on-demand economy. Slingshot services help our clients elevate their brands, expand their customer bases, and instantly engage with current and potential customers.

We’re driven by a desire to see our clients succeed and guided by a simple mission: to help home services companies thrive in the modern marketplace by making the sales experience faster, friendlier and more convenient.



  • Taylor Olson
    Taylor Olson CEO | Co-Founder
  • Ty Walker
    Ty Walker CTO | Co-Founder
  • Chris Huntsman
    Chris Huntsman VP of Sales | Co-Founder
  • Carlos Diamond
    Carlos Diamond Director of Client Acquisition
  • Kaydee Broadbent
    Kaydee Broadbent Director of Client Success
  • Nate Hancock
    Nate Hancock Director of Operations
  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez Office Manager | Billing Coordinator
  • Brady Jones
    Brady Jones Director of Finance
  • Ben Roden
    Ben Roden Director of Marketing

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